Welcome to our Clothing section! We have a variety of clothing items in different styles and sizes that are sure to add a touch of cuteness to your wardrobe. Browse our collection to find the perfect piece to express your unique style and personality!

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Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket

Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket

$113.00 CAD
Double the Fluff, Double the Style with Our Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket! ❤️🧥 🌟 Fluffy Chic: Our double-sided jacket is designed for those who love to layer up in...
Star Chunky High Heel Sneakers

Star Chunky High Heel Sneakers

$81.00 CAD
Reach for the Stars with Style in our Star Chunky High Heel Sneakers! ⭐👟 🌟 Unique and Trendy: These high heel sneakers are perfect for adding a touch of individuality...
Harajuku Streetwear Zip Star Hoodie - Juneptune

Kirby Star Hoodie

$65.00 CAD
Stay Cozy and Stylish with Our Kirby Star Hoodie! ⭐🧥 🌟 Gaming Chic: Our Kirby Star Hoodie is designed for fans of the iconic video game character, Kirby. Ideal for...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Themed Flannel Pajama Set - Juneptune

Cinnamoroll Pajama Set

$81.00 CAD
Snuggle into the cozy embrace of our Cinnamoroll Flannel Pajama Set! 🌙✨ 🌟 Sleep in Style: Essential for adding a touch of cuteness to your bedtime routine. Perfect for lounging...
Gothic Lolita Rose Heels Shoes - Juneptune

Gothic Rose Shoes

$97.00 CAD
🌟 Elegant and Mysterious: Gothic Rose Heel Shoes 🌹 Gothic Flair: Step into a world of elegance and mystery with our Gothic Rose Heel Shoes. These exquisite shoes are designed...
Hello Kitty Pajama Pants

Hello Kitty Pajama Pants

$49.00 CAD
Stay Cute and Comfy with our Sanrio Hello Kitty Pajama Pants! 🎀🌙 🌟 Adorable and Cozy: These pajama pants are perfect for adding a touch of charm to your bedtime...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Long Sleeve Knit Loose Sweater - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Loose Sweater

$81.00 CAD
Wrap yourself in comfort and cuteness with our Hello Kitty Loose Sweater! 🎀🧥 🌟 Cozy in Style: Essential for adding a touch of charm to your casual outfits. Perfect for...
Kawaii Sanrio Hello Kitty Pink Casual Jacket - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Embroidered Jacket

$73.00 CAD
Stay warm in style with our Hello Kitty Pink Embroidered Jacket! 🎀❄️ 🌟 Fashionable and Fun: Essential for adding a touch of charm to your winter wardrobe. Perfect for staying...
Victorian Lolita Corset

Victorian Lolita Corset

$81.00 CAD – $145.00 CAD
Step into the Elegance of Victorian Lolita Fashion! 👗🎀 🌟 Timeless Charm: Our Victorian Lolita Corset Two Piece Outfit Set is designed to transport you to an era of vintage...

Two Piece Hooded Jacket

$113.00 CAD$89.00 CAD
🌟 Versatile Duo: Two-Piece Hooded Jacket 🧥 Stylish and Coordinated: The Two-Piece Hooded Jacket is a versatile ensemble designed for those who appreciate coordinated looks and chic comfort. This two-piece...
Y2K Grunge Star Denim Jeans - Juneptune

Star Denim Jeans

$81.00 CAD
🌟 Shine Bright in Y2K Star Denim Jeans: 🌟 Stylish and Retro: Our Y2K Star Denim Jeans are designed for those who want to embrace the retro Y2K fashion trend...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Y2K Denim Oversized Jeans - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Baggy Denim Jeans

$81.00 CAD
Stay Fashionable and Comfortable with our Sanrio Hello Kitty Baggy Denim Jeans! 🎀👖 Fashionable and Fun: These jeans are perfect for adding a touch of charm to your daily outfits....