Browse our collection of cute and stylish stationery items! From adorable notebooks and pens to colorful stickers and washi tape, we have everything you need to add some fun and flair to your desk or workspace. Whether you're a student, professional, or just love stationery, you're sure to find something you'll love.

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Pink Cherry Blossom Washi Tape - Juneptune

Cherry Blossom Washi Tape

$11.99 USD
🌸 Cherry Blossom Washi Tape - Add Floral Elegance to Your Creations! 🌸 Introducing the Cherry Blossom Washi Tape, a delicate and beautiful tape that brings the timeless charm of...
Cute Gradient Aesthetic Stickers - Juneptune

Gradient Holographic Stickers

$11.99 USD
🌟 Shine with Holographic Magic: Gradient Holographic Stickers! 🌈 Introducing Gradient Holographic Stickers, an enchanting addition to your craft and decorating collection that brings a touch of mesmerizing beauty to...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Gel Pens Set - Juneptune

Cinnamoroll Gel Pens Set

$11.99 USD
🖋️ Sanrio Cinnamoroll Gel Pens Set - Write with Cuteness 🖋️ ✨ Charming Writing: The Sanrio Cinnamoroll Gel Pens Set isn't just any pen set; it's an adorable collection that...
Glitter Holographic Kawaii Stickers - Juneptune

Glitter Holographic Stickers

$11.99 USD
🌈✨ Glitter Holographic Stickers: Add Sparkle to Your World! ✨🌈 Introducing Glitter Holographic Stickers, a fun and creative way to add a touch of magic and sparkle to your life....
Sanrio Washi Tape Set - Juneptune
10pcs Set

Sanrio Washi Tape Set

$19.99 USD$11.99 USD
📏 Sanrio Washi Tape Set - Craft with Cutie Patterns 📏 ✨ Charming Crafts: The Sanrio Washi Tape Set isn't just any tape set; it's an adorable tool that adds...
Pink Kawaii Sticky Notes - Juneptune

Pastel Sticky Notes

$11.99 USD
🌈 Pastel Sticky Notes - Colorful and Convenient Organization! 🌈 Introducing the Pastel Sticky Notes, your perfect companions for adding a pop of color and bringing order to your busy...
Korean Style Sparkling Stickers - Juneptune

Sparkling Stickers

$11.99 USD
✨✨ Shine Bright with Sparkling Stickers! ✨✨ Upgrade your craft projects, stationery, or personal items with the magical allure of Sparkling Stickers. These enchanting stickers add a touch of shimmer...
Kawaii Fruits & Animals Stickers - Juneptune

Cute Cartoon Stickers

$13.99 USD
🎨🌟 Cute Cartoon Stickers: Bring Playfulness to Your Creativity 🌟🎨 Introducing Cute Cartoon Stickers, a fun and versatile addition to your craft and creativity. 🎨 Playful Designs: These stickers feature...
Sanrio Stationery Colorful Set With Envelope - Juneptune

Sanrio Stationery Set With Envelope

$14.99 USD
💌 Sanrio Stationery Colorful Set With Envelope - Write and Share with Style 💌 ✨ Charming Correspondence: The Sanrio Stationery Colorful Set With Envelope isn't just any stationery; it's an...