Browse our collection of cute and stylish stationery items! From adorable notebooks and pens to colorful stickers and washi tape, we have everything you need to add some fun and flair to your desk or workspace. Whether you're a student, professional, or just love stationery, you're sure to find something you'll love.

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Sanrio Kawaii Pencil Eraser Mistery Box - Juneptune

Sanrio Eraser Mistery Box

$39.99 USD$29.99 USD
✏️ Sanrio Kawaii Pencil Eraser Mystery Box - Erase in Style ✏️ ✨ Charming Erasures: The Sanrio Kawaii Pencil Eraser Mystery Box isn't just any set of erasers; it's an...
Cute Kitty Paw Straight Ruler - Juneptune

Kitty Paw Straight Ruler

$9.99 USD
🐾 Kawaii Kitty Paw Straight Ruler: Measure with Feline Flair! 🐱 Introducing the Kawaii Kitty Paw Straight Ruler, a charming and practical addition to your stationery collection that adds a...
Kawaii Cat Paw Pencil Case - Juneptune

Cat Paw Pencil Case

$9.99 USD
🐾🖋️ Cat Paw Pencil Case: Pawsitively Adorable 🖋️🐾 Introducing the Cat Paw Pencil Case, a charming and practical accessory to keep your pens, pencils, and stationery items neatly organized. 🐾...
Cute Push-Pull Cat Paw Eraser - Juneptune

Cat Paw Eraser

$9.99 USD
🐱 Cat Paw Eraser: Erase with Cuteness and Feline Charm! 🐾 Introducing the Cat Paw Eraser, a delightful and functional addition to your stationery collection that adds a touch of...
Cat Paw Portable Correction Tape - Juneptune

Cat Paw Correction Tape

$9.99 USD
🐾 Cat Paw Correction Tape: Purr-fect Your Work with Feline Charm! 🐾 Introducing the Cat Paw Correction Tape, a cute and clever way to correct your mistakes while adding a...
Colorful Rainbow Bear Sticky Notes - Juneptune

Rainbow Bear Sticky Notes

$11.99 USD
🌈 Rainbow Bear Sticky Notes: Add Colorful Charm to Your Notes! 🌈 Introducing Rainbow Bear Sticky Notes, the perfect way to bring a burst of color and cuteness to your...
Sanrio Cute Pencil Case - Juneptune

Sanrio Fluffy Pencil Case

$14.99 USD
📝 Sanrio Cute Pencil Case - Organize Your Supplies with Cuteness 📝 ✨ Charming Organization: The Sanrio Cute Pencil Case isn't just any pencil case; it's an adorable accessory that...
Kawaii Pink Stationery Sticky Notes - Juneptune

Kawaii Pink Stationery Sticky Notes

$11.99 USD
🗒️ Kawaii Pink Stationery Sticky Notes - Add Cuteness to Your Notes 🗒️ ✨ Charming Notes: The Kawaii Pink Stationery Sticky Notes aren't just any sticky notes; they're adorable notes...
Kawaii Sanrio Stationery Set - Juneptune

Sanrio Stationery Set

$14.99 USD
📔 Kawaii Sanrio Stationery Set - Write in Style 📔 ✨ Charming Writing: The Kawaii Sanrio Stationery Set isn't just any stationery; it's a delightful collection that adds charm and...
Kawaii Sanrio Stickers - Juneptune

Kawaii Sanrio Stickers

$19.99 USD$49.99 USD
🌈 Kawaii Sanrio Stickers - Add Cuteness to Any Surface 🌈 ✨ Charming Decorations: The Kawaii Sanrio Stickers aren't just any stickers; they're adorable decals that add charm and personality...
Kawaii Sanrio Pencil Holder - Juneptune

Kawaii Sanrio Pencil Holder

$19.99 USD
✏️ Kawaii Sanrio Pencil Holder - Keep Your Desk Cute and Organized ✏️ ✨ Charming Desk Companion: The Kawaii Sanrio Pencil Holder isn't just any holder; it's an adorable desk...
Sanrio Kawaii Sticker Tape - Juneptune

Sanrio Sticker Tape

$11.99 USD
📜 Sanrio Kawaii Sticker Tape - Decorate with Adorable Adhesives 📜 ✨ Charming Decorations: The Sanrio Kawaii Sticker Tape isn't just any tape; it's a delightful tool that adds charm...