Discover the essence of timeless elegance and sophistication with our Dollette style category. Whether you're seeking a chic evening ensemble, a refined office look, or a touch of glamour for any occasion, Dollette brings you a curated selection of fashion pieces that exude class and grace. Explore the perfect blend of classic silhouettes and modern trends, offering you a wardrobe that effortlessly stands the test of time. Elevate your style with Dollette and make every moment a fashion statement.
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Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket

Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket

$69.99 USD
Double the Fluff, Double the Style with Our Fluffy Heart Double Sided Jacket! ❤️🧥 🌟 Fluffy Chic: Our double-sided jacket is designed for those who love to layer up in...
Lovely Sanrio Slippers

Lovely Sanrio Slippers

$39.99 USD$32.99 USD
Cozy Up with Cuteness in our Lovely Sanrio Slippers! 🌙🌸 🌟 Comfort and Charm: These slippers are perfect for adding a touch of adorableness to your relaxation time. Ideal for...
Angel Wings Aesthetic Coquette Beaded Bracelet - Juneptune

Angel Wings Bracelet

$24.99 USD$18.99 USD
🪶 Coquette Angel Wings Bracelet - Embrace Your Angelic Side 🪶 Elevate your style with the Coquette Angel Wings Bracelet, a delicate accessory that adds a touch of ethereal charm...
Kawaii Y2K Gothic Platform Mid Calf Boots - Juneptune

Sweet Lolita Platform Boots

$69.99 USD
Step into Sweet Lolita Elegance with our Sweet Lolita Platform Mid Calf Boots! 👢🎀 🌟 Elegant and Charming: These mid-calf boots are perfect for adding a touch of sweet Lolita...
Victorian Lolita Corset

Victorian Lolita Corset

$49.99 USD$89.99 USD
Step into the Elegance of Victorian Lolita Fashion! 👗🎀 🌟 Timeless Charm: Our Victorian Lolita Corset Two Piece Outfit Set is designed to transport you to an era of vintage...
Y2K Aesthetic Star Hair Clips - Juneptune

Glossy Star Hair Clips

$19.99 USD
✨💫 Glimmer and Shine with Glossy Star Hair Clips 💫✨ 🌟 Introducing Glossy Star Hair Clips: Elevate your hairstyle to the next level with these enchanting Glossy Star Hair Clips....
Sweet Lolita High Waist Denim Jeans - Juneptune

High Waist Bow Denim Jeans

$42.99 USD
Elevate Your Denim Game with High Waist Bow Denim Jeans! 👖🎀 🌟 Chic and Trendy: Our high waist denim jeans are designed to add a touch of fashion-forward style to...
Kawaii Lolita Strawberry Pink Sneakers - Juneptune

Strawberry Pink Sneakers

$49.99 USD
Add a Splash of Sweetness to Your Step with our Strawberry Pink Sneakers! 🍓👟 🌟 Adorable and Stylish: These sneakers are perfect for adding a touch of charm and style...
Pink Aesthetic Adjustable Rings - Juneptune

Princess Pink Adjustable Rings

$12.00 USD
👑 Princess Pink Adjustable Rings - A Royal Touch 👑 Indulge in a touch of royal elegance with the Princess Pink Adjustable Rings. These exquisite rings are more than jewelry;...
Kawaii Sanrio Short Fleece Pajama - Juneptune

Kawaii Sanrio Short Pajama

$34.99 USD
Indulge in the adorable comfort of our Kawaii Sanrio Short Fleece Pajama! 🌙🌈 🌟 Sleep in Cuteness: Essential for adding a touch of sweetness to your bedtime routine. Perfect for...
Kawaii Pink Winter Boots

Kawaii Pink Winter Boots

$69.99 USD
Embrace the Winter Chill with Cutness and Comfort in our Kawaii Pink Winter Boots! ❄️👢 🌟 Adorable and Cozy: These winter boots are perfect for adding a touch of charm...
Bowknot High Heel Shoes

Bowknot High Heel Shoes

$64.99 USD
Step into Elegance and Cuteness with our Lolita Bowknot High Heel Shoes! 🎀👠 🌟 Elegant and Charming: These high heel shoes are perfect for adding a touch of sweet Lolita...