Discover the essence of timeless elegance and sophistication with our Dollette style category. Whether you're seeking a chic evening ensemble, a refined office look, or a touch of glamour for any occasion, Dollette brings you a curated selection of fashion pieces that exude class and grace. Explore the perfect blend of classic silhouettes and modern trends, offering you a wardrobe that effortlessly stands the test of time. Elevate your style with Dollette and make every moment a fashion statement.
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Sweet Lolita High Waist Denim Jeans With Lace - Juneptune

High Waist Lace Denim Jeans

$39.99 USD
Elevate Your Denim Game with High Waist Lace Denim Jeans! πŸ‘–πŸŒΈ 🌟 Chic and Stylish: Our high waist denim jeans are designed to add a touch of feminine flair to...
Coquette Floral Crop Top - Juneptune

Sweet Floral Cami Top

$49.99 USD$34.99 USD
Blossom Gracefully in Our Sweet Floral Cami Top! πŸŒΌπŸ‘š 🌟 Floral Elegance: Our cami top is designed for those who appreciate the charm of floral patterns. Ideal for individuals who...
Pink Aesthetic Adjustable Rings - Juneptune

Princess Pink Adjustable Rings

$12.00 USD
πŸ‘‘ Princess Pink Adjustable Rings - A Royal Touch πŸ‘‘ Indulge in a touch of royal elegance with the Princess Pink Adjustable Rings. These exquisite rings are more than jewelry;...
Lovely Bunny Cami Top

Lovely Bunny Cami Top

$34.99 USD
🌟 Charming Cuteness: Lovely Bunny Cami Top 🐰 Adorable and Stylish: The Lovely Bunny Cami Top is designed for those who want to embrace a touch of adorable charm and...
Kawaii Pink Winter Boots

Kawaii Pink Winter Boots

$69.99 USD
Embrace the Winter Chill with Cutness and Comfort in our Kawaii Pink Winter Boots! β„οΈπŸ‘’ 🌟 Adorable and Cozy: These winter boots are perfect for adding a touch of charm...
Sanrio My Melody Oversized Hoodie - Juneptune

Kawaii My Melody Hoodie

$39.99 USD
Stay Cozy and Cute with My Melody in our Sanrio My Melody Oversized Hoodie! 🐰πŸ§₯ 🌟 Adorable and Relaxed: This oversized hoodie is perfect for adding a touch of charm...
Kawaii Fur Platform Boots

Kawaii Fur Platform Boots

$99.99 USD
Elevate Your Style with Fluff and Fashion in our Kawaii Fur Platform Boots! πŸŒŸπŸ‘’ 🌟 Adorable and Stylish: These platform boots are perfect for adding a touch of charm and...
Kawaii Heart Shaped Alarm Clock - Juneptune

Heart Shaped Alarm Clock

$19.99 USD
πŸ•°οΈ Adorable in every way, this heart-shaped alarm clock is sure to steal your heart. Its vintage charm is irresistibly delightful, and we can't help but think it's good enough...
Princess Pillowcase With Ruffles - Juneptune
1Pcs 30x50cm1Pcs 35x55cm1Pcs 40x60cm1Pcs 48x74cm

Princess Pillow Case

$12.00 USD – $15.00 USD
πŸ‘‘ Princess Pillow Case With Ruffles πŸ‘‘ ✨ Dream with Elegance: The Princess Pillow Case With Ruffles is here to add a touch of royal charm to your bedtime. With...
Kawaii Pink Heart Cotton Underwear Set - Juneptune

Pink Heart Underwear Set

$19.99 USD
🌟 Love in Every Stitch: Pink Heart Underwear Set πŸ’– Sweet and Romantic: The Pink Heart Underwear Set is designed for those who want to embrace a touch of love...
Harajuku Kawaii White Corduroy Pants - Juneptune

Kawaii Puppy Corduroy Pants

$34.99 USD – $39.99 USD
Stay Stylish with Our Kawaii Puppy Corduroy Pants! πŸΆπŸ‘– 🌟 Cute and Comfy: Our corduroy pants are designed for those who appreciate the charm of puppies and cozy fashion. Ideal...
Kawaii Lolita Inspired White Dress - Juneptune

Kawaii Lolita White Dress

$29.99 USD
🌟 Kawaii Elegance: Kawaii Lolita White Dress πŸŽ€ Charming and Playful: The Kawaii Lolita White Dress is designed for those who want to embrace a touch of sweetness, elegance, and...