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Welcome to our "Home Decor" section, where you'll find a wide range of cute items to add a touch of charm and personality to your space! Whether you're looking to spruce up your bedroom, living room,kitchen,bathroom or office, we've got you covered.
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Kawaii Colorful Mat - Juneptune

Kawaii Bathroom Mat

$19.99 USD$34.99 USD
🌸 Kawaii Bathroom Mat 🌸 ✨ Step onto Cuteness and Comfort: The Kawaii Bathroom Mat is here to add a touch of cuteness and comfort to your bathroom. With its...
Kawaii Strawberry Plush - Juneptune

Strawberry Plush

$12.00 USD
Our Kawaii Strawberry Plush is the perfect pick-me-up for any strawberry lover! Crafted from ultra soft fabric and plush filling, it's sure to become a favorite cuddle companion. Enjoy the...
Kawaii Phone Holder - Juneptune

Kawaii Bunny Phone Holder

$25.00 USD
📱🐰 Introducing the Kawaii Bunny Phone Holder 🐰📱 🌟 Bunny Stand: Elevate your phone's functionality and cuteness with this kawaii bunny phone holder, perfect for fans of rabbits and practical...
Sanrio Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Cushion - Juneptune

Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Chair Cushion

$49.99 USD
Bring comfort and fun to any space with this plush Sanrio Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Chair Pillow. Its soft cushion and bright colors will inject energy and personality into any room!...
Sanrio My Melody Carpet Rug - Juneptune

My Melody Oversized Rug

$29.99 USD$49.99 USD
🌸 Sanrio My Melody Rug - Add Charm to Your Living Space 🌸 🌟 Whimsical Home Decor: The Sanrio My Melody Carpet Rug brings a touch of charm and nostalgia...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Kawaii Plushie - Juneptune

Cinnamoroll Plushie

$19.99 USD$55.00 USD
Treat yourself to a cuddly companion with this Sanrio Cinnamoroll Kawaii Plushie! This cloud-tailed cutie is sure to put a smile on your face with its adorably fluffy body and...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Kawaii Plushie - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Plushie

$19.99 USD$55.00 USD
Love Sanrio? Snuggle up with this cute and cuddly Hello Kitty Kawaii Plushie! With an adorable bow, you'll be the envy of all your friends when they see this totally...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Plushie - Juneptune

Lovely Cinnamoroll Plushie

$19.99 USD$49.99 USD
This Sanrio Cinnamoroll Plushie is perfect for Sanrio fans of all ages. Crafted from a soft material, it's sure to provide comfort and warmth. Show your love for Sanrio by...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Strawberry Plushie - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Strawberry Plushie

$25.00 USD$49.99 USD
It's time to get fruity with this adorable Sanrio Hello Kitty Strawberry Plushie! This dainty kitty-ified take on a juicy strawberry is an absolute must-have for every Hello Kitty fan....
Aesthetic Sanrio Kuromi Pillow - Juneptune

Kuromi Pillow

$39.99 USD$24.99 USD
Snuggle up with this cute and aesthetic Sanrio Kuromi Pillow! Its soft fabric and unique design will bring instant style and comfort to your home. Add a hint of kawaii...
Sanrio My Melody Panda Plushie - Juneptune

My Melody Panda Plushie

$19.99 USD$49.99 USD
Snuggle up with Sanrio's cutest mascot, My Melody, in her adorable panda costume! This plush is sure to bring joy to both kids and adults alike. Its irresistibly soft fabric...
Sanrio My Melody & Kuromi Gothic Plushie - Juneptune

My Melody & Kuromi Gothic Plushie

$39.99 USD$69.99 USD
Introducing a unique, limited edition plush duo—the Sanrio My Melody & Kuromi Gothic Plushies. These sophisticated and exclusive plushies feature attractive gothic designs and make a perfect gift for the...