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Kawaii Cabbage Dog - Juneptune

Cabbage Dog Plushie

$49.99 USD$24.99 USD
Introducing the Kawaii Cabbage Dog, a cute and cuddly stuffed animal for kids of all ages. This stuffed animal features a cute cabbage-shaped design that is sure to bring a...
Hello Kitty Plush Keychain

Hello Kitty Plush Keychain

$15.00 USD
This Sanrio Hello Kitty Plush Keychain is a perfect way to bring a little bit of joy with you wherever you go. This keychain is made from high-quality materials and...
Kawaii Lucky Cat Plush Set - Juneptune

Lucky Cat Plushie Set

$59.99 USD$39.99 USD
This Lucky Cat Plushie Set is perfect for adding a bit of luck and cuteness to any room. The kawaii-style design features a smiling lucky cat, sure to bring joy...
Sanrio Strawberry Hello Kitty Plush - Juneptune

Strawberry Hello Kitty Plush

$24.99 USD$74.99 USD
This Sanrio Strawberry Hello Kitty Plush is a great gift for any fan of the Sanrio brand. It features a sweet, strawberry scent and a super-soft, huggable design. It’s the...
Kawaii Taiyaki Cat Plush Toy - Juneptune

Taiyaki Cat Plush

$39.99 USD$79.99 USD
This plush Kawaii Taiyaki Cat Toy is crafted with exquisite attention to detail, offering a luxurious touch to any room. Its distinct design and soft texture make it an elegant...
Sanrio Pompompurin Funny Muscle Plush Toy - Juneptune

Pompompurin Muscle Plush

$64.99 USD$44.99 USD
Make your heart melt with this cute and cuddly Sanrio Pompompurin Funny Muscle Plush Toy! This high-quality plush toy is the perfect companion if you're looking to pump up the...
Sanrio My Melody Safety Car Plush Cover - Juneptune

My Melody Car Plush Cover

$16.00 USD$22.00 USD
Enjoy Sanrio character My Melody in a whole new way with this Safety Car Plush Cover. Crafted with an attention to detail, this plush cover features a soft, luxurious material...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Safety Car Plush Cover - Juneptune

Cinnamoroll Car Plush Cover

$12.00 USD$22.00 USD
This sophisticated and exclusive Sanrio Cinnamoroll Safety Car Plush Cover is sure to make car rides more comfortable and enjoyable. Featuring Sanrio's iconic and beloved character, this plush cover is...

Bibble Plush

$37.99 USD$24.99 USD
Introducing the Bibble Plush! 🌟 Embark on a magical adventure with our enchanting Bibble Barbie Plush! Inspired by the beloved character from the Barbie movies, this plush toy brings the...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Oversized Pillow Blanket - Juneptune
25-30cm Pillow40cm Pillow40cm Pillow+Blanket60cm Pillow80cm Pillow

Hello Kitty Pillow & Blanket

$19.99 USD$89.99 USD
Introducing the luxurious Sanrio Hello Kitty Oversized Pillow Blanket: the ultimate in comfort and style. This elegant piece of bedding features a cozy blanket and vivid pillow adorned with beloved...
Sanrio Pochacco Oversized Plush - Juneptune

Pochacco Oversized Pillow

$49.99 USD$59.99 USD
This giant Sanrio Pochacco pillow is perfect for cuddling up with on a cold night. Its oversized body offers maximum comfort, while its soft fur is sure to keep you warm...
KPOP BT21 BTS Dessert Keychain Plush - Juneptune

BT21 Dessert Keychain

$19.99 USD
Unlock your luxurious lifestyle with this KPOP BT21 BTS Dessert Keychain Plush - a sophisticated accessory perfect for showing off your love for BTS! Made from premium materials, this plush...