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Gothic Lolita Black & White Lace Gloves - Juneptune
One Size

Victorian Lace Gloves

$9.99 USD
🌸🧤 Victorian Lace Gloves: Elegance and Grace for Your Hands 🧤🌸 Introducing our Victorian Lace Gloves, where timeless elegance meets delicate grace to enhance your look. 💐 Intricate Lace Design:...
Lolita White Bow Stockings - Juneptune

White Bow Stockings

$19.99 USD$14.99 USD
🎀🧦 White Bow Stockings: Elegance Meets Charm 🧦🎀 Introducing our White Bow Stockings, a delightful blend of elegance and charm for your daily ensemble. 🎀 Charming White Bows: These stockings...
Retro Butterfly Cotton Socks - Juneptune
One Size

Butterfly Socks

$12.99 USD
🦋🧦 Butterfly Cotton Socks: Fluttering Elegance for Your Feet 🧦🦋 Introducing our Butterfly Cotton Socks, a graceful accessory that adds a touch of nature's beauty and style to your daily...
Purple Heart Print Cotton Socks - Juneptune
One Size

Purple Heart Socks

$12.99 USD
💜🧦 Purple Heart Cotton Socks: Add a Touch of Love to Your Look 🧦💜 Introducing our Purple Heart Cotton Socks, a charming addition to your sock collection that adds a...
Floral Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron - Juneptune

Floral Apron

$19.99 USD
🌸 Floral Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron 🌸 ✨ Cooking with Elegance: The Floral Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron is here to elevate your culinary experiences. With its beautiful floral design, it's...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Lolita Leg Warmer - Juneptune
One Size

Hello Kitty Leg Warmers

$15.99 USD
🧦 Sanrio Hello Kitty Leg Warmers - Embrace Cuteness and Warmth 🧦 ✨ Charming Legwear: The Sanrio Hello Kitty Leg Warmers isn't just any legwear; it's an adorable accessory that...
Harajuku Knitted Beanie With Cat Ears - Juneptune

Gothic Knitted Beanie

$27.99 USD
🐾🎩 Gothic Cat Ears Knitted Beanie: Unleash Your Inner Feline Enchantment 🎩🐾 Introducing our Gothic Cat Ears Knitted Beanie, where feline mystique meets elegant warmth and style. 🐱 Enchanting Cat...
Sanrio Kawaii Slippers - Juneptune

Sanrio Kawaii Slippers

$39.99 USD
🥿 Sanrio Kawaii Slippers - Walk in Comfort and Cuteness 🥿 ✨ Charming Footwear: The Sanrio Kawaii Slippers aren't just any slippers; they're an adorable addition to your footwear collection...