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Sanrio Kuromi & My Melody Oversized Plush Pillow - Juneptune

Kuromi & My Melody Pillow

¥4,900 JPY – ¥14,500 JPY
This Sanrio Kuromi & My Melody Oversized Plush Pillow is the perfect addition to any Sanrio fan's collection! Enjoy long-lasting comfort with this ultra-soft pillow, featuring bold colors and classic...
Sanrio My Melody Safety Car Plush Cover - Juneptune

My Melody Car Plush Cover

¥2,600 JPY – ¥3,600 JPY
Enjoy Sanrio character My Melody in a whole new way with this Safety Car Plush Cover. Crafted with an attention to detail, this plush cover features a soft, luxurious material...
Sanrio Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Cushion - Juneptune

Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Chair Cushion

¥8,100 JPY
Bring comfort and fun to any space with this plush Sanrio Kuromi & Cinnamoroll Chair Pillow. Its soft cushion and bright colors will inject energy and personality into any room!...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Oversized Pillow Blanket - Juneptune
25-30cm Pillow40cm Pillow40cm Pillow+Blanket60cm Pillow80cm Pillow

Hello Kitty Pillow & Blanket

¥3,300 JPY – ¥14,500 JPY
Introducing the luxurious Sanrio Hello Kitty Oversized Pillow Blanket: the ultimate in comfort and style. This elegant piece of bedding features a cozy blanket and vivid pillow adorned with beloved...
Sanrio Cinnamoroll Oversized Pillow Plush - Juneptune

Cinnamoroll Pillow

¥4,900 JPY – ¥9,700 JPY
Introducing the Sanrio Cinnamoroll Oversized Pillow Plush, a luxurious addition to any bedroom or living space. This exclusive pillow plush features a high-end design that offers a soft, comforting embrace...
Kirby Oversized Funny Pillow Plush - Juneptune

Kirby Plush Pet Bed

¥9,700 JPY¥6,500 JPY
The Kirby Plush Pet Bed is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. The padding layer consists of a breathable, polyester fabric that is soft and gentle on your pet's...
Sanrio Portable Neck Pillow

Sanrio Portable Neck Pillow

¥4,900 JPY
Experience comfort and cuteness on the go with the Sanrio Portable Neck Pillow! Crafted with plush materials and featuring the iconic Sanrio characters, this neck pillow provides cozy support for...
Fluffy Sanrio Cushion

Fluffy Sanrio Cushion

¥8,100 JPY
🌟 Cuddle in Comfort: Fluffy Sanrio Cushion 🌈 Whimsy Meets Coziness: The Fluffy Sanrio Cushion is a delightful addition to your space, blending the enchantment of Sanrio characters with the...
Donut Pillow

Donut Pillow

¥6,100 JPY – ¥8,100 JPY
This Donut Pillow provides superior comfort and support for the back, neck, and shoulders. Its ergonomic design provides the perfect contour to relieve tension and prevent muscle pain, while the...
Macaron Pillow

Macaron Pillow

¥5,700 JPY – ¥6,000 JPY
The Macaron Pillow is an innovative, comfortable in-home pillow that adds an extra layer of comfort. It's made with resilient, high-quality memory foam to ensure maximum comfort and support. The...
Ice Cream Pillow

Ice Cream Pillow

¥5,700 JPY – ¥6,000 JPY
This Ice Cream Pillow is sure to delight any fan of sweet treats! Crafted with soft velvet fabric and filled with plush memory foam, the pillow is designed for maximum...
Candy Galaxy Pillow

Candy Galaxy Pillow

¥6,500 JPY¥5,700 JPY
Introducing Candy Galaxy Pillow—an ultra-soft, decorative pillow featuring a unique, galaxy-inspired design. Perfect for displaying on a couch, bed, or chair, this pillow is made of high-quality polyester fabric that...