Gothic Lolita

Step into the enchanting world of Gothic Lolita, where Victorian charm meets a dark and mysterious twist. This unique style category brings you a collection of clothing and accessories that combine the delicate frills and lace of traditional Lolita fashion with a touch of gothic allure. From ornate black dresses to intricate accessories, our Gothic Lolita collection allows you to express your individuality and immerse yourself in a style that's both whimsical and dramatic. Explore the fascinating blend of darkness and femininity, and make a bold fashion statement with Gothic Lolita.
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Gothic Lolita Rose Heels Shoes - Juneptune

Gothic Rose Shoes

¥9,700 JPY
🌟 Elegant and Mysterious: Gothic Rose Heel Shoes 🌹 Gothic Flair: Step into a world of elegance and mystery with our Gothic Rose Heel Shoes. These exquisite shoes are designed...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Gothic Crossbody Bag - Juneptune

Hello Kitty Messenger Bag

¥6,500 JPY
Hello Kitty Messenger Bag - Where Fashion Meets Functionality 👜 🌟 A Stylish Companion: The Hello Kitty Messenger Bag seamlessly combines style and functionality. It boldly displays Hello Kitty's face,...
24pcs/Box Press On Long Y2K Aesthetic Glitter False Nails - Juneptune

Goth Press On Nails

¥2,400 JPY
Goth Press On Nails offer a unique, easy-to-apply solution to get the perfect goth nail look. Boasting a 100% fit guarantee, each set contains 24 nails, available in a range...
Gothic Sanrio Hello Kitty Clear iPhone Case With Bracelet - Juneptune
For iPhone 11For iPhone 12For iPhone 12 ProFor iPhone 12 Pro MaxFor iPhone 13For iPhone 13 ProFor iPhone 13 Pro MaxFor iPhone 14For iPhone 14 ProFor iPhone 14 Pro Max

Gothic Hello Kitty iPhone Case With Chain

¥3,300 JPY – ¥3,600 JPY
🖤📱 Introducing the Gothic Hello Kitty Clear iPhone Case With Bracelet 📱🖤 💖 Gothic Elegance: Elevate your iPhone's style with the Gothic Hello Kitty Clear iPhone Case. Adorned with Hello...
Dreamy Press On Nails

Dreamy Press On Nails

¥2,400 JPY
Dreamy Press On Nails offer salon-quality results in less than a third of the time. Easy to apply with long-lasting, chip-resistant results, these nails provide a beautiful, natural look that...
Y2K Star Print Two Sides Knitted Leg Warmer - Juneptune

Star Print Leg Warmers

¥6,500 JPY¥4,100 JPY
🌟⭐ Star Print Leg Warmers: Shine Bright ⭐🌟 Elevate your legwear with our Star Print Leg Warmers. These leg warmers add a touch of cosmic charm and a dash of...
Anime Inspired Fox Neck Tie - Juneptune

Magical Fox Tie

¥2,100 JPY – ¥2,400 JPY
🦊🎀 Magical Fox Tie: Unleash Your Inner Enchanter 🎀🦊 Introducing our Magical Fox Tie, a whimsical accessory that adds a touch of enchantment and style to your look. 🦊 Mystical...
Gothic Lolita Mary Jane Shoes

Gothic Lolita Mary Jane Shoes

¥9,700 JPY¥6,500 JPY
Embrace the Elegance of the Dark with our Gothic Lolita Mary Jane Shoes! 🖤👠 🌟 Elegant and Mysterious: These Mary Jane shoes are perfect for adding a touch of gothic...
Chained Cross Mini Skirt

Chained Cross Mini Skirt

¥15,300 JPY
🌟 Edgy and Divine: Chained Cross Mini Skirt 👗 Unleash Your Inner Rebel: Make a bold statement with the Chained Cross Mini Skirt, meticulously crafted for those who dare to...
Sanrio Hello Kitty Gothic iPhone Case - Juneptune
For iPhone 14For iPhone SE 2020For iPhone 12 MiniFor iPhone 14 PlusFor iPhone 14 Pro MaxFor iPhone 12For iPhone 14 ProFor iPhone 12 Pro MaxFor iPhone 7 Plus or 8 PlusFor iPhone X or XSFor iPhone XRFor iPhone 7 or 8For iPhone 12 ProFor iPhone XS MAXFor iPhone 11For iPhone 11 Pro MaxFor iPhone 11 ProFor iPhone 13For iPhone 13 MiniFor iPhone 13 ProFor iPhone 13 Pro Max

Hello Kitty Goth iPhone Case

¥3,300 JPY
🖤🎀 Introducing the Sanrio Hello Kitty Gothic iPhone Case! 🎀🖤 💖 Dark Elegance: Elevate your iPhone's style with a unique twist, featuring Sanrio's iconic Hello Kitty in a captivating gothic...
Victorian Lolita Lace Floral Bustier - Juneptune
One Size

Lace Floral Bustier

¥4,900 JPY¥3,300 JPY
🌟 Floral Fantasy: Lace Floral Bustier 🌸 Elegant and Alluring: The Lace Floral Bustier is designed for those who want to embrace elegance and allure in their wardrobe. This bustier...
24Pcs/Box Press-On Aesthetic Gothic Black False Nails - Juneptune

Gothic Press On Nails

¥2,400 JPY
Gothic Press On Nails are the perfect way to add a unique, gothic flair to your look. With up to 14-day wear and an easy press-on application, you can enjoy...