Elevate your style with our earrings collection, fusing Kawaii's whimsy, Y2K's vibrancy, and Gothic's allure. Choose from charming characters, retro symbols, or bewitching designs – each pair tells a story as unique as you are.

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Y2K Korean Inspired Waterdrop Earrings - Juneptune

Waterdrop Earrings

£13.00 GBP
💧 Elegant Waterdrop Earrings - Timeless Beauty 💧 Adorn yourself with the Elegant Waterdrop Earrings, an accessory that adds a touch of timeless beauty to your attire. These exquisite earrings...
Kawaii Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry Set - Juneptune

Charmmy Kitty Rose Jewelry Set

£13.00 GBP – £16.00 GBP
Charmmy Kitty Rose Jewelry Set 🌹 Elevate your style with the enchanting Charmmy Kitty Rose Jewelry Set! This stunning set features delicate rose-themed jewelry adorned with the beloved Sanrio character,...
Genshin Impact Cosplay Earrings - Juneptune

Genshin Impact Drop Earrings

£13.00 GBP
Genshin Impact Drop Earrings - Gaming Glamour 🎮✨ 🎮 Pixel Perfection: The Genshin Impact Drop Earrings are a dazzling tribute to the digital realm of the popular game, Genshin Impact....
Aesthetic Flower Jewelry Set - Juneptune

Dreamy Rose Jewelry Set

£17.00 GBP
Dreamy Rose Jewelry Set - Elegance in Every Petal 🌹💫 🌟 Petals of Elegance: The Dreamy Rose Jewelry Set embodies the timeless beauty of roses, capturing their elegance in every...
Y2K Korean Inspired Pink Bow Earrings - Juneptune

Kawaii Pink Bow Earrings

£16.00 GBP
Kawaii Pink Bow Earrings - Adorable Delight 🎀💕 🎀 Charming Cuteness: The Kawaii Pink Bow Earrings are a delightful accessory inspired by the world of kawaii culture. Their adorable bow...
Sanrio Pompompurin Earrings - Juneptune

Pompompurin Earrings

£21.00 GBP£17.00 GBP
💎 Sanrio Pompompurin Earrings - Dangle with Delight 💎 🌟 Adorable Dangles: The Sanrio Pompompurin Earrings are more than just earrings; they're adorable dangles that bring delight to your style...
Y2K Korean Inspired Peach Heart Earrings - Juneptune

Peachy Heart Earrings

£13.00 GBP
Peachy Heart Earrings - Sweet Romance 🍑💖 🍑 Sweet and Juicy: The Peachy Heart Earrings are a delightful pair of earrings inspired by the charm of peaches. With their heart-shaped...
Korean Purple Heart Crystal Jewelry Set - Juneptune

Pearly Love Jewelry Set

£14.00 GBP
💖 Pearly Love Jewelry Set - Radiate Love and Elegance 💖 Embrace the essence of love and elegance with the Pearly Love Jewelry Set, a stunning ensemble that celebrates romance....

Flower Fairy Jewelry Set

£17.00 GBP
Introducing the Flower Fairy Jewelry Set! Step into a world of whimsy and enchantment with our Flower Fairy Jewelry Set! Inspired by the beauty of nature and the grace of...

Sweet Butterfly Jewelry Set

£17.00 GBP
Introducing the Sweet Butterfly Jewelry Set! Flutter into elegance with our enchanting Sweet Butterfly Jewelry Set! This delightful collection captures the whimsical beauty of butterflies in graceful and intricate designs....

Spring Flowers Jewelry Set

£17.00 GBP
Introducing the Spring Flowers Jewelry Set! Embrace the vibrant beauty of spring with our exquisite Spring Flowers Jewelry Set! Bursting with the colors of the season, this captivating set captures...

Violets Field Jewelry Set

£17.00 GBP
Introducing the Violets Field Jewelry Set! Step into a dreamy meadow of violets with our enchanting Violets Field Jewelry Set! Inspired by the beauty and grace of these delicate flowers,...